Ruta :: Panorámica del Duranguesado


Panoramic View of Durangaldea

On this route we combine the impressive zones of Mugarra and Anboto. Going up to the antennae of Santikularra, the view of the valley of Duranguesado is incomparable.


We leave Durango from San Roque street. We go under the main road BI-623, and at the first junction we go straight on towards San Andrés. We carry on along this road until we get to some farmhouses first, and then the chapel of  San Andrés. We follow this road until about km 2.5, when the road becomes a track by the side of a farmhouse. Then we continue through a pine grove and we arrive at a picnic area.


We continue on a steep up-hill section until we find a stone track. This track takes us to La Nevera (km 4.5). On arriving, we see the old icehouse alongside a picnic area. From here there are some stunning views. From La Nevera we turn left through the trees and go down a track until we encounter a cement road. At the junction we turn left, towards Orozketa.


We follow this road and come to the picnic area that we saw on the way up (km 6.6). At the junction we find here, we take a left turn and go towards Santa Lucía, on a road that has many ups and downs. On this road we pass through Santa Lucía (km 8.2) and we continue until we pick up the track that leads to Landa Ederra. From here we go down to the right, and in this way reach Orozketa (km 11). In Orozketa we take the main road BI-4331, that will take us down to Durango. In Durango we go along San Roque street and go towards Ikastola Ibaizabal.


Leaving the Ikastola behind, and once we have passed the chapel of San Pedro of Tabira, we take a steep up-hill road on the right. This road at the beginning runs parallel to some vineyards (km 16.6). At the beginning the steep hills make it very hard, on the way to the antennae. At the next junction we go on the right hand track, taking us up-hill. After about 1km we arrive at  Santikularra (km 19). On arriving at the antennae, we continue down until we reach a tarred road, and continue on down to the right (km 19.6).

Following this road we come to some farmhouses, and at km 20 we take a track that we find between two farmhouses, and goes down to Mendiola. In the village of Mendiola we go to the right and we descend to Atxarte by way of a very technical track. In Atxarte we take the BI-4335 towards Abadiño, but once we start to descend, at the next junction, we turn to the right (km 22.5) towards Sagasta, and we will start going up-hill.


At Sagasta (km 24), we have an opportunity to refill our water bottle. At the junction in Sagasta we turn to the right and go up a little more, and then we have a steep descent that takes us down to Axpe(km 22.9). At Axpe we go left (BI-4332) to go down to Apatamonasterio. Here we turn left and take a small road that runs parallel to the main road BI-632. This road will take us to Abadiño and from there we will go on the cycle track that takes us into Durango.

Note: It is demading but doesn't require great technical skill. Appropriate for winter outings, as it has many ups and downs, the descents are not long and, as it is tarmac, it is clean. This route is not signposted.

35,78 km 2 h 30 min 826 m Demanding
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