Ruta :: Cerca de Urkiola


Around Urkiola

This route takes us to the Natural Park of Urkiola. It is ideal for when you have not got much time at your disposal. The track that takes us from Txakurzulo to Mañaria is lovely, although a bit technical. It is reccommended if you have limited time.


We depart from the Basilica of Santa María of Uribarri in Durango and go towards Ikastola Ibaizabal. From there, leaving the Ikastola behind us, we take a very steep hill  in the direction of the village of Artazola.


We take a small road on the right (km2.2) that runs parallel with the main road BI-632. We arrive at some modern houses in Abadiño, which we skirt on the upper side, until we reach a factory (km 3.8).


Here we take an old Roman road going up-hill and this takes us out onto the Mendiola road (km 4.5). Here we turn right and go up-hill, passing Mendiola and go straight on, passing by on the left the road that would take you to the village of Sagasta. A little further on we come to the quarries of Atxarte (km 7.2). Straight on, following the track, we pass over a bridge and a short but very steep hill. We now enter a forest trail with a slight hill, passing on our right a track that would take us to a farmhouse.


Later we come to a right-hand bend with two farmhouses on the left. The terrain becomes steeper and steeper, and passing on the left a road that would take us to Asuntza (Pol-Pol). The climb ends with a bend of 180º (km 10.5). On this last bit we will find a fountain. From here on, the road is very easy and we will have the opportunity to marvel at the mountain views of Anboto, Alluitz and Astxiki.


We get to Txakurzulo (km 12.8). Once at Txakurzulo, 100m before reaching the main road, we turn right and we will find a down-hill track. This road will also take us to the main road BI-623. A few metres along, at km 15.3, we leave the main road and turn right. At this point there is a barrier, obliging us to dismount in order to pass underneath.


From there on we continue up-hill, following the mountain track. At km 15.5 we come to the end of the up-hill section and begin the descent. At km 17, we come to a junction and we take the track on the right and continue the descent. Just before km 18, we come out on a tarred road which we take for a few metres and then take the road on the right. Going down this road, after 200m, we will arrive at another junction, and we continue on down until km 18.8, where we come out on the main road BI-623. We follow this road, passing through Mañaria and Izurtza.


When we get to the roundabout at km 22, we turn right into Tabira. From here we get to Durango, the end of the trip.


Note: It is ideal for when you have not got much time at your disposal. This route is not signposted.

24,50 km 2 h 30 min 760 m demanding