Ruta :: Entre Bosques


Through the Woods

This route is characterized by the scenery, as it runs through the mountains and the woods. For this reason it is more interesting for the mountain bike enthusiast (mud, potholes,…..).


The starting point is Durango. We cross the main road BI-3341, towards Iurreta. On arriving at the cemetery of Iurreta, we turn right along the track that skirts it from below, we go straight on until we come to a pine grove. There we come to another junction, where we again turn right, always following the cement track. The slope in the pine grove is very steep.


After the pine grove we come upon some farmhouses. We turn left and arrive at the chapel of San Juan. Here you may wish to drink some water, as you will not have another chance for the rest of this trip.


From San Juan we continue on up, and when we get to the main road BI-3341 we turn left towards Goiuria. After 900m we take the road towards Oiz mountain and at km 8.8 we arrive at La Forestal. Therefore, at km 8.8 we leave the road that goes to Oiz mountain and we follow the track on the left that takes us downhill.


At the next junction, we take the track on the right. For the next 3 km, up to km 12, you cannot get lost. On this track we will come across lots of potholes, and it must be said it is a real "boneshaker".


At km 12 we take the track on the left, going down-hill. Be careful at km 12.7 because here we turn to the left until we get to km 13.4. On the bend we turn left and leave the track and go along a tiny path on the right through the pine trees (this is a pretty route). We arrive at a farmhouse in Magunas, opposite which we find a small up-hill path which we take.


At the Portal of Magunas, at km 14.6, we follow the right-hand track. At km 15.3 we go to the right again and take the bigger track that goes towards Oromiño.


At km 19 we find ourselves on the main road BI-3332 that goes up to Montecalvo. Here we turn left and go down-hill. After passing the industrial estate of Arriandi, we head towards Durango by way of the cycle track.  

Note: Even though it is not very long it is quite demanding both physically and technically. When it has rained we could find many puddles. This route is not signposted.

24,46 km 2 h 734 m demanding