Ruta :: Panorámica de las Cumbres


Panoramic Tour of the Peaks

The route begins in the park alongside the church of San Pedro of Tabira. Here we take a left turn and cross the Mañaria River.


At the bridge itself we turn right go up a hill until the road levels out. We will see a turning that leads to a farmhouse, and a little further on, on the right, we see another cement road. We take this road and go all the way up the hill. We get to a junction and we continue straight on along a gravel track. At the next junction take a right turn along a tarred road.


From this spot we get a beautiful panoramic view of Untzillaitz, Astxiki, Alluitz and Anboto. We continue along this same road until we come to the mill of Larringan in Mendiola. Once at the mill we turn left and after a few metres we leave the tarred road and take to a grassy track.


This path winds through green pastures, bushes and pine groves. This path gradually descends and brings us out onto a tarred road.


Continue along this tarred road and then take a left turn towards a group of  farmhouses. We take the narrow lane that leads to the village. A few metres further on, next to an ancient wash house and behind a farmhouse, we take a road on the right which will take us directly to the quarry of Atxarte.


The road goes through the pass of Atxarte, between Untzillaitz and Astxiki. We will pass by the chapel dedicated to the Christ of Atxarte and immediately afterwards we cross a small bridge taking us over the stream of Atxarte, leaving us on its right bank. From this point we can see the ruins of a water mill. From here we take a path on the left hand side. We go up this path, passing through a beech wood until we reach the level ground of Genzelai, which connects with the hill of Artola, and then ascend to Aitxiki and Alluitz. From Genzelai the path runs close to the peaks and we get a good view of their faces, ridges and sediments.


Lastly, we ascend to a humid area with lots of rushes, we go through the pass of Asuntze, emerging on the wide track that comes from Urkiola. Once we are in the open fields of Pol-Pol we can ascend to the hill of Larrano, to Anboto or to Urkiolamendi. Another option is to continue along the track between the Lawson's cypresses, which will take us the Sanctuary of Urkiola.

Note: This route is not signposted.

13 km 3h 30min 700 m Medium
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