Ruta :: Panorámica desde Oiz


Panoramic from Oiz

This interesting run will take us to Oiz mountain. From here we can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Duranguesado. From Durango to Losakantereta it is all up-hill. There is a cement road to the top. The track that goes from Losakantereta to Sarria is a bit technical but it is fabulous for the true mountain bike enthusiast.


We start off in Durango. From the Basilica of Santa María of Uribarri we will take the cycle track in Kurutziaga street in the direction of Astola. Going along Zeharmendieta street and the Astola road, we arrive at the football ground of Abadiño.


We cross the Ibaizabal river and we come out on the main road BI-3323 and we turn left in the direction of Traña-Matiena. But after 50m, we turn right and we find we have three options; we take the middle route which leads us towards the village of Lebario.


After passing a few farmhouses we come out on the N-634 and we turn left, towards Bilbao. After 300m we leave the N-634 and go in the direction of Markina on the BI-633. We get to a roundabout and follow the signs for Garai. Almost at the end of the first straight down-hill stretch we turn right onto a road that goes to the village of Sarria.


At km 5.2 we take the track on the left and go up-hill. We turn right, at the mills, and we arrive at an area of modern houses. Then we turn left and go up-hill until we almost reach  Garai. At km 7.9 and having passed a fountain, we take a small path on the right, leaving Garai above us on the left. Between km 8 and km 10 we have a beautiful track, but at the same time more technical. At km 10 we take the track that goes to Oiz, and it is all up-hill until we get to km 15.4. Be careful at km 14 and do not take the track on the left, as that would lead you to San Cristóbal of Oiz. At km 14 take the track on the right until km 15.4.


Here in Losakantereta we leave this track and take a smaller one on the right. Take care at km 16.6, we must take the track on the left and very soon after turn right.


Now we go down until we reach the Sarria road. Here we turn towards the left and we go down to the same place we saw on the way up, but this time, at km 20.5, we will continue straight on going up a steep but short hill. Then, at km 21.1, we go to the right in the direction of Ereñaga.


Having gone through Ereñaga, we take the main road BI-633 on the right, direction Durango. Later on, at km 24, we follow the N-634 taking us to Durango.

Note: It is more technical than physical, (because of the descent from Losakantereta). The descent from Losakantereta requires a bit of technical skill but its scenery is beautiful. This route is not signposted.

26 km 1 h 45 min 731 m Medium