Ruta :: Recorriendo Atxondo


Atxondo Circuit

This route brings us to the incomparable setting of Axpe, giving us the opportunity to enjoy its impressive landscapes.


We set off from Durango. From the Basilica of Santa María of Uríbarri we make our way to Ikastola Ibaizabal. Leaving the Ikastola behind us, we take a very steep hill  in the direction of the village of Artazola.


We take a small road on the right (km2.2) that runs parallel with the BI-632. We arrive at some modern houses in Abadiño, which we skirt on the upper side, until we reach a factory (km 3.8). Here we take an old Roman road going up-hill and this takes us out onto the Mendiola road (km 4.5).


Here we turn right and go up the main road BI-4335, and at the next junction we turn left towards Sagasta, and we start to ascend. When we get to Sagasta we will have the chance to refill our water bottle at the fountain.


From the junction in Sagasta we will take the track that goes up on the right as far as km 9.3. Further on we encounter a very steep and dangerous down-hill track which takes us to Axpe. We pass by the side of the frontón, taking the track on the right towards Arrazola. When we reach the main road, before starting to descend we go up to the very top of Arrazola.


Therefore, we go through Arrazola once again and we arrive at Apatamonasterio. At the junction we turn right onto the BI-632, direction Elorrio, but after 200m we leave the main road and turn to the left by the side of a scrap metal yard. We take this track at km 19.8 and for the next 2 km it's an up-hill struggle (the first bits will be the toughest).


Take care at km 21, as we must take the track that goes up on the left. From km 21.7 to km 24 it is all down-hill and we come out onto the road that takes us to Gaztelua. We take the bigger track that goes up until we reach Gaztelua. From here on in it will be down-hill on a tarred road. At the bottom, we come to the main road BI-3323. Then we turn left, and after a few metres we cross over a small bridge situated on the right, and this road will take us to the football ground of Abadiño. Finally, we take the cycle track we find on the right and this takes us to Durango.


Note: It is not technically or physically demanding. Suitable route for beginners as it is not demanding either physically or technically, and it also gives you the option of making it longer or shorter. This route is not signposted.

30 km 2 h 15 min 493 m Medium