Ruta :: Un paseo hasta Neberondo


To Neberondo (the Ice-house)

This route commences at the chapel of San Roque in Durango. We go under the by-pass and make our way up the road on the left. After a short distance, we again take the road on the left that leads us to the recreational area of San Rokeburu and the balcony of Durango.


On the right of this mirador there is a narrow track that will take us to the village of Bitaño. There we will find the Palazio farmhouse (XVI-XVII Century) and the coat-of-arms of the Zabala family.

Following the path on the right, we come to the Dolometa nursery and the forestry house.


Continuing along this path we come to a junction where we turn left. We arrive at the old Icehouse (440m), whose function was to store in its interior the snow that had fallen during the winter, and this would serve to supply the surrounding villages with ice throughout a prolonged period of time.


From the Icehouse, at the next junction we turn left and head towards the village of Santa Lucía, consisting of a small number of well-kept farmhouses at the foot of the north face of Mugarra.


Leaving Santa Lucía behind us, we continue along the track until we come to a junction. If we keep to the left we will come to the recreational area of Landaederra. If we bear right, in less than 1 km the gravel track opens onto a tarred road which takes us to the small village of Orozketa.


The circuit will finish up in Durango.


Note: This route is not signposted.

11 km 3 h 300 m Easy
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