To Saibi via Atxarte

To Saibi via Atxarte

To Saibi via Atxarte

This route takes us to the Natural Park of Urkiola, and in particular Saibi mountain. The chosen option of climbing to Txakurzulo from Atxarte is very tough, and is more appropriate for going downhill (you have to be very fit to finish this section without having to dismount). On the other hand, the descent from Saibi to Mañaria is very technical and there are other options which involve doing a few extra kilometres. (For example, passing through Errialtabaso and Leungane).


We depart from Ikastola Ibaizabal in Durango. Leaving the Ikastola behind, and once we have passed the chapel of San Pedro of Tabira, we take a steep up-hill road on the right. This road at the beginning runs parallel to some vineyards.


Following the cement road, we pass by the chapel of Santikurutz (km 1.9) and when we get to Untzilla erdiko (km 2.6) we find the road that comes from Santikularra. From this point to Atxarte the way is down-hill. Following this road we come to some farmhouses in Mendiola (km 4.1). Here we take a technical track on the right, to go down to Atxarte.


At Atxarte, and once we have climbed the first steep hill, we leave the main track (km 5.3) and we will take the stone track that we have on the right. Until km 7 it is all up-hill and technical. At km 7, without going on to the main road, we take the path on the left towards to Txakurzulo.

At Txakurzulo (km 7.4), without going on to the main road, we go straight on towards Urkiola. This road is very technical and difficult to climb without dismounting. At Urkiola (km 8.2) we cross the main road BI-623 and we head towards Saibi. Then we take  a track on the right signposted for Saibi. We continue on this track until km 9.8. Here we take a wider road that is on the left. (If we carried on straight we would get to Saibi in 5' on the technical track). We are at the highest point of this trip (847m). From here to Durango the whole road is more or less down-hill. At km 9.8 we will take the track on the left and at km 12, the one on the right. Be careful, because at about km 13.5 we have to turn right, towards Mañaria. (If we carried on straight towards Leugane, we would find a path that is only for walkers and we would have to go back).


Therefore, from km 13.5 to km 17 we will descend to Urkulu erdikoa and goikoa, on a technical track. The track is beautiful and the scenery is marvellous. However, it has two stretches which are extremely technical that could oblige us to dismount. At km 17, we take the main road BI-4336 and in Mañaria (km 19.6) we take the main road BI-623 towards Durango. In Izurtza, having passed the service station, we leave the BI-623 at  km 21.5 and we cross the river on the right and we go through a beautiful little wood. At km 22.3 we will return to the BI-623 and head for Durango.

Note: This is a route that is fairly difficult, both physically and technically. The climb from Atxarte to Txakurzulo is very tough, and is more appropriate for going down-hill. Furthermore, the descent from Saibi to Mañaria is very technical. This route is not signposted.

24,93 km 2 h 30 min 837 m Very Demanding
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