The Urkiola Way

The Urkiola Way

The Urkiola Way

This route starts in the neighbourhod of Tabira in Durango. We take the main road in the direction of Urkiola. Before reaching Izurtza, we will see the tower house of Etxaburu.


Continuing along the footpath, we pass through Izurtza and arrive in Mañaria, situated at the beginning of the pass of Urkiola. We go through Mañaria and then begin the ascent, taking a track that is on the left-hand side.


This track winds through a dense autoctonous vegetation and the Atlantic countryside and cuts through the sides of the limestone crest of Untzillaitz. We pass several farmhouses: Solaguren, Arriaga, Bizkarra and we come to the hermitage of San Martín. On the way we can also see the hut of Elosu and the limekiln of the Gatzaieta farmhouse.


We finally pass by the farmhouse that is called Txakurzulo, and then arrive at the three crosses of Urkiola, where we will get some breathtaking views.

Note: This route is not signposted.

10 km 3 h 586 m Easy
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