Neberondo (the Ice-house)

Neberondo (the Ice-house)

Neberondo (the Ice-house)

This route takes us to the area surrounding Mugarra mountain. Although it is a relatively short route (13km) we reach a high altitude (an aggregate of 406m), and for that reason the views of the countryside that we get from above are just marvellous.


We start in Durango, crossing the neighbourhood of Aramotz in order to take the main road BI-4331 towards Orozketa.


When we get to the first tight bend, just before kilometre 3, we will see a track on the left between some shacks.


Following this track, we get to a cement road that comes from San Andrés, and this will take us to Neberondo.


At that junction turn right and go up. After 400m we will see a picnic area and we continue the ascent.


We are now faced with a steep hill until we get to a stone track. We go up this track until we get to La Nevera (km 6).


There we can contemplate the old icehouse and also a picnic area in beautiful surroundings. We continue on a track through the picnic area until we get to the chapel of Santa Águeda.


On the left there is a road we will take in order to get to Izurtza (km 9.9); we depart with the chapel on our right.


This road will take us to the main road BI-623; once we are there, we head for Durango. We arrive at a roundabout, and here we turn right towards Tabira. In this way we avoid the main road and reach the centre of Durango.

Note: It is a short route of medium difficulty both physically and technically. A nice route for when you haven't got much time at your disposal. This route is not signposted.

13 km 1 h 35 min 460 m Medium
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