Plaza Santa Ana

Plaza Santa Ana
Plaza Santa Ana
Plaza Santa Ana

Plaza Santa Ana

Of the six gates that the ancient wall of the town of Durango possessed, the Arch of Santa Ana is the only one to survive intact.


The principal elements of this square are the Church and the Arch of Santa Ana.

However, several other buildings of interest have been preserved: Palacio Arribi, Casa Zabala, the Old Mill of Santa Ana and Palacio Lejarza.

Arribi House

Its broad façade shows us elements of its rich history. The sun-dial is an outstanding feature, as well as the magnificent renaissance portal (in Goienkalea) dating from the XVI century.


Zabala House

With a broad façade looking onto the square, we have a good example of eclectic architecture from about 1896.


The Old Mill of Santa Ana

The old mill of Santa Ana, adjoined to the Arch, was reformed in the XX century. It shows different artistic motifs, some taken from the Cross of Kurutziaga on the initiative of the municipal architect, Eguia.
Under the Plaza Santa Ana ran the water channel that supplied the mill.


Lejarza House

A sixteenth century palace, cubic in character and hermetic, but adapted to the residential prototypes of the Bizcayan renaissance.

On that side facing the Plaza Garitaonaindia we can see the galleries of modernist style which correspond to the enlargement to the rear of the tower, with glazed balconies from the XIX century.