Landako and Montevideo

Landako and Montevideo
Landako and Montevideo
Landako and Montevideo
Landako and Montevideo

Landako and Montevideo

The new Railway Station in Durango was inaugurated recently, thereby opening up new pedestrian routes between Landako and Montevideo, making Durango a more pleasant and comfortable place to live in.


The name Landako means "heathland" and this is how the local people talked about it when they saw the zone first developed in the 1970s.


Montevideo Avenue is named in honour of Bruno Mauricio Zabala, founder of Montevideo, Uruguay.


Landako today is a neighbourhood with the most modern infrastructure and services, and at the same time an important residential area. With its large open spaces and its impressive architecture, the Landako Gunea Exhibition Centre is the most important feature. Next to this centre we find the Plateruena Kafe Antzokia.


Still in the urban centre, very close to the Market Place, we see the Zugaza Cinema. In the street of Montevideo we see the Bartolomé Ertzilla School of Music, and by the River Ibaizabal, Murueta Torre Baserria.

Zugaza Cinema

This cinema has recently been remodelled and the façade decorated with iconic scenes from well-known films of the past.

It comprises two auditoria, projecting all the latest films, both in digital format and 3D. Thanks to satellite technology, they can show live performances such as opera, sporting events and concerts.



The Bartolomé Ertzilla School of Music

The Bartolomé Ertzilla School of Music and Middle Grade Conservatory is a public centre that teaches music.
The same building in 1926 was the local school.


Murueta Torre Baserria

Next to the public schools in Landako we have Murueta Torre, a restored farmhouse, dating from the XVII century, around 1660. It was remodelled in the XIX century and in the first decade of the 2000s and has been completely restored by the council.

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