The Brotherhoods Run

The Brotherhoods Run

The Brotherhoods Run

This trip will take us to both Oiz and Mugarra mountain. Very likely to find potholes and mud.


We begin at Madalena square in Durango. We take  Francisco Ibarra street and cross over the main road N-634 towards Iurreta, and then the BI-3341 to Goiuria. We pass through the village of Goiuria and at km 5.6, we take a very steep track which takes us to La Forestal.


At La Forestal we take the Oiz road until km 9.5, where we leave the main track and go on a smaller track on the left. Here, ignoring the track that would take you to Portal de Magunas, we take another small track also on the left, which is fairly technical. Next we come to a junction where we turn left and go up-hill. We will have 2.5 km of ups and downs. We go straight on avoiding the tracks on the left and on the right until we get to km 12. From km 12 to km 16.5 we will have different possibilities until we get to Lasiar. In Lasiar we again take a track to lead us to the main road BI-3341. This track, although starting off down-hill, is full of ups and downs.

Once we are on the BI-3341, we take a track 300m further on situated on the right. We could encounter a lot of mud and potholes. At this junction we turn left onto a track which is very steep and slippery. Once at the bottom, at the junction we turn right and go down-hill, and at the end we turn right again. We go straight on as far as the next junction where we turn left onto another down-hill track which is fairly dangerous, because in winter there is a lot of mud and going up can be very complicated.


We continue straight until we get to the  village of Bakixa. Once in the village at km 23.5 we pass some farmhouses on the left and take a tarred road until we reach the Montecalvo road. We turn right on this road where we take the main road BI-3332. Then after 200m at km 24.9 we go to the left (take care crossing the main road).


Here we take a small track (beware the dogs) until we reach the main road, going under the A-8 motorway. A little further on we take the main road N-634 in the direction of  Amorebieta. At km 26, after about 200m we turn left towards the village of Bernabeitia (take care crossing the road). We cross over the railway track and at the junction we go left. We go straight on with the river on our left. We come to another junction and again we turn left, crossing a river. At km 27.4 more or less, we come upon three small tracks. We take the one in the middle (the one on the left has a steep hill and the one on the right would take us too far away).


From here, between km 27.4 and km 29, it is all up-hill and fairly technical. From Gibela on up, for the final 700m you find yourself on a stone road which you will appreciate. Therefore, at km 29, we go in the direction of the "Cantera de Mármol" but before reaching Landa Ederra, at km 29.5, we take the track on the left to Santa Lucía. Having passed Santa Lucía, at km 32.9, we leave the main track and take a small track on the left (before reaching the chapel of San Andrés). We go straight ondown-hill and we come out on the main road BI-4331, that is to say, the one that will take us to Orozketa. From here we go down-hill and to the right, passing the chapel of Santa Apolonia until we arrive in Durango.

Note: Ideal for the mountain bike enthusiast. It is demanding both physically and technically. This route is not signposted.

40 km 4 h 1036 m very demanding
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