This route begins at the chapel of San Roque in Durango. We take the road on the left in the direction of the village of Larrinagatxu.


In Larrinagatxu, by a concrete wall, we take the tarred road on our right. The track leads us onto a much wider road beside the Arrioletxe farmhouse. Here we get  wonderful panoramic views of Durango and surrounding areas.


We follow the track and enter the pine grove. We see on our right a road marked with yellow and white paint that will take us to the village of Santa Lucía. From here we follow the painted signs next to a shack.


Going up a very steep hill we come to the gorge of Katazka which will take us to the hillside of grass and heather of Mugarrikolanda. Now we are in Mugarrikolanda, we may choose to go and have a drink of water from the fountain of Oiñiturri or go up the path on the left hand side of the hill, which will take us to the summit of Mugarra.


From the hill of Mugarrikolanda as well as from the summit of Mugarra, we can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views and the vultures of Mugarra.

Note: This route is not signposted.

8 km 4 h 850 m Fairly hard
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