The area known as Sanagustinalde is the arrabal of Zabala or San Juan.


This arrabal grew  up on the Zabalarra roadway and owes its name to the presence of the old San Agustín Convent.


The two important monuments in this zone are the theatre of San Agustin Kultur Gunea and the Museum of Art and History.


Alongside we can see the house where Bruno Mauricio Zabala was born; and by the river the old wash-stands.

Birthplace of Bruno Mauricio Zabala

Birthplace of Bruno Mauricio Zabala, in the year 1682.

Bruno Mauricio Zabala y Cortázar was the founder of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, a historical fact that is celebrated by the plaque on the façade of the building.

The building adheres to the style of the palaces of Bizkaia and Guipuzkoa. It has stone lintels over the openings and cut stone only on the façade of the building, a practice which is typically baroque.


The wash-stands

Beside the river we find the wash-stands from the XIX century, which were used for the daily laundry, and this area was generally the domain of women, and served a social function.